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  • In 2013, the company successfully developed a new type of dual-axis high-speed servo feeder. 
    In 2013, the company successfully developed a new type of dual-axis high-speed servo feeder. Compared with the above models, the model is smaller, more beautiful, more generous, and superior in performance than the previous generation of twin-axle machines. From the mechanical optimization and transformation, the performance of the electrical control system has also improved.

    The company has always been based on quality, reputation first, and actively explore the market, has cooperated with some well-known large and medium-sized enterprises, Zhenyu, Fanst, Qiaoxin Electric, Baoda Company, Welling Electromechanical, etc.; and punch manufacturers Cooperation, such as Minghao, Jingda, Taiyida and AIDA, Nidec.

   After years of development, the company has successfully obtained a number of invention patents and practical patents.
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