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What are the types of servo feeders?

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time:2019/3/4 8:18:35
   Because the servo feeder adopts the numerical control system to accurately control the feeding roller, it has the advantages of higher feeding precision, better stability, easier operation and wider application range than other feeding devices. The current NC servo feeding The machine has gradually replaced the air feeder and roller feeder, and the servo feeder has become the most used feeding equipment in the stamping industry.
       So what are the performance characteristics of these various types of NC servo feeders?
       1. Pneumatic NC servo feeder:
This is the most used servo feeder model in the stamping industry. It uses cylinder clamping to relax and is not subject to installation restrictions. It can be used with almost all presses and can be used with hydraulic presses and shears, but it is relaxed by cylinder push-pull. There is a certain response time, so it is not suitable for high-speed feeding occasions.
2. Mechanical NC servo feeder:
 The relaxing method uses mechanical rods to relax, fast relaxation, and limited installation. It is mainly used in the case of short-step high-speed feeding. It is easier to relax and debug. It is recommended that both mechanical NC and pneumatic NC can be used. Use occasions.
3, yaw type NC servo feeder:
It is specially developed for the production and production of wafer cutting customers. It adopts Japanese original imported servo and is controlled by computer closed circuit feedback, so that the precision is within ±0.02mm. The material is conveyed on a two-dimensional plane, so that the wafers are rounded and rounded, and the flatness of the wafer is ensured, thereby maximizing material utilization.
4, thick plate NC servo feeder:
It is specially developed for the transport of 4.5-6mm thick plates. Compared with ordinary NC servo feeders, it not only increases the power of the motor and the angle of the upper and lower gears of the feed roller, but also adds one. For the feeding roller, the slippage of the thick plate material conveyance is basically eliminated, and the precision is unstable.
The above four types of servo feeders are: pneumatic NC servo feeder, mechanical NC servo feeder, yaw type NC servo feeder, and thick plate NC servo feeder. For those who want to know the knowledge of servo feeders, the above mentioned knowledge points are relatively basic. I hope that everyone will help everyone in understanding the knowledge of the feeder.
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